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Webpage by Carrington's son, Pablo Weisz-Carrington, for her Leonora Carrington. Includes: Biographical sketch, her Mexico City studio, galleries, the temptation of Saint Anthony, books, links, bibliography and galleries. Images of her work broken down by decades

Carrington Gallery--by Daniel Germàn. Lots of images.

Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art Gallery--They once exhibited Carrington and had a gallery of her work up but don't currently. However, they are still listed on an art site as representing her.

Brewster Arts. --They are another gallery that represented her but the website moved or closed. To keep up on galleries representing her, you can check Art in Context.

Sidi Bou said - 20,000 horses
a quote and a few line drawings by Carrington

Mexican Prints Kyron Tour - Asian Pacific Rim 1995 -1998 -- a short bio and a few paintings by Carrington from 1975-1976

Leonora Carrington - Reference Page. Lists Recent and Past Exhibitions and Galleries and Dealers.

Leonora Carrington: Gallery of Saints & Sinners from our Daily Bleed. Loads of links on Leonora Carrington.

Carrington. Links on Carrington. Has a lot of other links to other Surrealists.

Leonora Carrington -- a short bio at surrealist.com

Leonora Carrington's Life and Works as a Model for a European Primitive Other by Eva Holtz. An essay on Carrington's writing and primitism with a paragraph on her art. 17 May 1999. This link no longer worked as the person graduated from their college but if anyone sees it posted again on another website, let me know.

Carrington-from Julie Byrd's Les Femmes Surrealistes

An interview with Leonora Carrington with Paul De Angelis.

My Escape with My melon - A bio with a scene from Carrington's "The Debunante"

Leonora Carrington: Her Wit, White Horses, Caviar, and Other Talents by Susana Pliego. La Vitrina Visual Arts.

Leonora Carrington by Mario Cutajar -- An article on Carrington that appeared with her lithographics exhibit at The Remba Gallery, LA, USA in 1995

Leonora CarringtonA bio, and a gallery of images. Lenin Imports looks like they have some of her work for sale via a gallery that is representing her..

The Hearing Trumpet by Leonora Carrington [Excerpt]

The 1999 Christie's Latin American Art sale. An article describing Mexican artists sold at the auction. Towards the bottom, Lot 25 is Are You Really Sirius? by Leonora Carrington. It sold for $200,000, not including the buyer's premium.

The Debutante. A short story by Leonora Carrington. It looks like it's there in its entirety. Ana Sayfa's site also carries the story in English and translated into another language but I'm not sure what as I don't recognize it. Let me know if you can identify the language.

Leonora Carrington --bio, gallery -- the Mexican Museum of Modern Art, Maestros Del Arte Contemporaneo

Leonora Carrington--A short bio by Daniel Germàn

El Catalejo - Canal de Artes Plasticas. Leonora Carrington en la red

Leonora Carrington, a bio and links.

Leonora Carrington. This site contains works by several Latin American artists. One image by each artist. The self-portrait of Leonora Carrington aka The Inn of the Dawn Horse

Dec '96 article on Leonora Carrington -- La Jornada Semanal

LEONORA CARRINGTON--ESCRITOS. Spanish article on Leonora Carrington's writing. Includes image Temple of the World

Resúmen Biográfico de Leonora Carrington

Exposición de Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington. A short paragraph. You can also download her story "La Debutante" here by clicking on the link.

Leonora Carrington: Un recorrido por los bordes . An article. Jan 1, 2004. Article includes an image.

El mundo personal e intimo de Leonora Carrington by Orlando Aguirre. Article includes several images.



LA PART DU FeMININ DANS LE SURReALISME. Mentions Leonora Carrington under Surrealism conferences. A page on female surrealists.

German(I think)
Leonora Carrington: FEministische phantastis

künstlerInnen Leonora Carrington . a Chronology.

Leonora Carrington plus Jean-Luc Godard in München . an article. march 3, 2003.

Spiele mit Künstlern/Leonora Carrington. an interview that mentions Leonora Carrington.


Biografia de Leonora Carrington

Il senso dell 'età

Other Stuff

Artcyclopedia This page is on Leonora Carrington but it is also a fine arts search engine.

Amie R. Colonna's Casa Azul: Mexican Art Papers, links, images to Mexican Art, emphasizes Frida Kahlo but does include a little on Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington.

One or more videos from Madonna's Bed time stories use Remedios Varo's images as the motif. If anyone knows where this may be seen on the web, let me know so that I can list the link. Thanks.

Remedios Varo
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