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Books on Varo collectios, videos and other resources on Varo articles on Varo non-English sources

Remedios Varo: Unexpected Journeys , Janet Kaplan, (THE bio on Varo). This softcover version was released February 2000. 288 pages. Released in hardback as Unexpected Journey: the Art and life of Remedios Varo, Sept. 1988. 286 pages. Abbeville Press, Inc.

The Magic Of Remedios VaroCatalogue of the Remedios Varo June 16-August 20, 2000 retrospetive at the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum in Chicago. To buy one, call the Chicago museum at (312) 738-1503 and ask for the gift shop. $29.95 plus shipping.

Alchemy in exile: The alchemical kitchen in the work of Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo (ONU monograph), by Kelly Wacker, c1995. Ohio Northern University .

Remedios Varo 1908-1963(Remedios Varo Catalogue Raisonne), edited by Walter Gruen, c1994 Museo De Arte Moderno, Ediciones Era, Mexico City. Spanish and English.

Science in Surrealism - The Art of Remedios Varo, Peter Engel, c1986, The New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY (Pamphlet for the 1986 exhibit). Also appeared in Connoisseur, Feb. 1988, v218,p94-9

Remedios Varo, compiled by Octavio Paz, c1966, Ediciones Era, Mexico City. In Spanish.

Surrealist Women : An International Anthology (The Surrealist Revolution Series) by Penelope Rosemont (Ed), Hardcover, 1998) University of Texas Press.

Mirror Images : Women, Surrealism and Self-Representation, by Whitney Chadwick (Ed), Dawn Ades (Ed), 1998, MIT Press; ISBN: 0262531577. Exhibition included Claude Cahun, Dorothea Tanning, Remedios Varo, Frida Kahlo, Meret Oppenheim, Remedios Varo, Kay Sage, and others, .

Women, Art, and Society (World of Art), by Whitney Chadwick. Paperback (February 1997) - 448 pages 2nd Rev edition Thames & Hudson

Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement,by Whitney Chadwick, (this is the book that introduced Varo and Varo to me and probably hundreds of others.). Paperback. Reprint edition, Thames and Hudson, July 1991. Also titled The Muse as Artist: Women in the Surrealist Movement by Whitney Chadwick

Surrealism and Women, Caws, Mary Ann, Rudolf E. Kuenzli and Gwen Raaberg, eds., The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1990.

Women as Mythmakers: Poetry and Visual Art by Twentieth-Century Women, by Estella Lauter. Indiana University Press, Bloomington IN. ISBN 0-253-20325-2 Paperback, 267+xvii pp. Now this one I'm not sure 100% has a chapter on Remedios Varo. It does have chapters on Remedios Varo and Leonor Fini, her contemporaries and friends in France. Paperback, Indiana Univ Press, July 1984.

REMEDIOS VARO video ,, 35 mm colour 24.5 min. prod. Eva Sulzer, dir. Jomi Garcia Ascot, photography -- Jose Torre. Music composed by Joaquin Gutierrez Heras, Narrator -- Maria Luisa Elio. Film processing - Laboratorios Mexico. First prize film, Festival De Corto Metraje, Guadalajara, Mexico, 1966. Exhibited at Expo '67. [re: J. Parrott. Expo '67 may refer to a world exposition/fair held in Montreal in 1967.]

The Art of Remedios Varo: Fantasy and Science. CD on RV for Windows users only. English and Spanish.

Bedtime Stories video Madonna video that uses images from Varo's and Carrington's work. I haven't seen this video and can't find it on the web so can't say much. I heard about it through a Varo discussion site.

An Imaginary Tale by Paul J. Nahin, c1998. A book on math of all things -- imaginary numbers, in fact -- but the cover is Harmony, a painting by Remedios Varo. The book is an oddity as it also gets rave reviews --- a readable, enthralling book on an important concept in mathematics.

Powers of Congress by Alice Fulton, c2001. A book of poetry. This is a reissued copy and has a new cover featuring Still Life Reviving, a painting by Remedios Varo. The 1990 copy does not.

Remedios Varo by K. Nichols. Interprets her work from the point of view of the quest from Arthurian legends. 2004

Scientific discovery and women's health [about the cover]. By Polyxeni Potter. Explores Varo's affinity for science in her work. Her painting was used for the cover of Emerging Infectious Disease. Nov. 2004.

Latin American Art, Christie's, Monday, November 19, 2001, 7 PM, Tuesday, November 20, 10 AM, by Carter B. Horsley, thecityreview.. An online article reviewing the auction which included Varo's Tres Destinos which sold for $556,000, including the buyer's premium.

Into the Mystic, by Sue Taylor, Art in America, April 2001 , v89, i4, p.p126.

Remedios Varo, by James Yood, Artforum International, November 2000, v39, i3, p.158 .

Latin American Art, Christie's, Monday, November 19, 2001, 7 PM, Tuesday, November 20, 10 AM, by Carter B. Horsley, thecityreview,

Obscure painter gave a surreal twist to science, 07/21/2000, Chicago Tribune

Remedios Varo: National Museum of Women in the Arts, by Stephen May, Art News, v 99 no7 Summer 2000. p. 213.

Scientific epiphanies celebrated on canvas, by Angier, Natalie. Remedios Varo painted complex ideas by using the metaphors of surrealism.(exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts). New York Times (Tue, April 11, 2000) :D5(N), F5(L) pages., col 2.

Varo's got a magic touch. BY MATT O'BRIEN. The Johns Hopkins News-Letter. March 16, 2000

Harmony (1956), Art News v 99 no3 Mar 2000. p. 102

Mexican Painter Remedios Varo's Retrospective Opens with Great Success in Washington, US Newswire, Feb 22, 2000 p1008041n0004.

National Museum of Women in the Arts : The Magic of Remedios Varo . Review by Marilyn Millstone.

'The Magic of Remedios Varo' Opens in Washington, D.C. , US Newswire, Feb15, 2000 p1008040n0003.

Women, surrealism and self-representation: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, by Sonya Rapoport, Barbara Lee Williams, Leonardo v 32 no4 1999. p. 333-5. Barbara Lee Williams and Sonya Rapoport discuss "Women, Surrealism and Self-Representation," an exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in California from January 9 to April 20, 1999. The exhibition--dedicated to three generations of women artists who were deeply influenced by Surrealism.

Visita inseperada, (Oil on masonite, 1958), Art Nexus no30 Nov 1998/Jan 1999. p. 4.

Ekphrasis, Escape, and Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 by Stefan Mattessich. A paper exploring the use of Remedios Varo's artwrok in Thomas Pynchon's book, "The Crying of Lot 49". 1998.

Remedios Varo., by Rodriguez, Marta.. Art Nexus, no26, Oct./Dec. 1997, p. 135-6. A review of an exhibition of work by Remedios Varo at the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango in Bogota from June through September 1997. This exhibition presented 15 works by Varo taken from her late period of production in Mexico in the late 1950s and early 1960s, including montages and paintings.

Visita inesperada (Oil on masonite, 1959) Art Nexus no23 Jan/Mar 1997. p. 9. Illustration only.

Art and the conditions of exile , by Linda Nochlin, Poetics Today, Fall 1996, v17, n3, p317(21pgs)

La creacion de las aves, (Oil on masonite, 1957),Museum Studies v 22 no2 1996. p. 173

The art of Remedios Varo: issues of gender ambiguity and religious meaning., Haynes, Deborah J. Woman's Art Journal, v. 16 (Spring/Summer 1995) p. 26-32. Illustration: The useless science or the alchemist; The creation of the birds; Solar music; Harmony; The flutist; The call; Ascension to Mount Analogue. "The use of religious imagery and the representation of sexuality in the work of Spanish-born artist Remedios Varo is examined. In both instances, Varo seems to break standard stereotypes in her quest to represent the nature of creation and transformation--physical, psychological, and spiritual."

Remedios Varo, by Raquel Tibol. Art Nexus, n6 April/June 1995. p. 44+(book review)

Remedios Varo. by Mary SchneiderEnriquez. (Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City; exhibit). Art News, v. 93 (Oct. '94) p. 199. illustration: De Homo rodans. A review of an exhibition of the work of the Spanish-born artist Remedios Varo at the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City.

The magical tables of Isabel Allende and Remedios Varo, Zamora, Lois Parkinson, The magical tables of Isabel Allende and Remedios Varo., Comparative Literature, v44, n2 (Spring, 1992) :113 (31 pages) . The writings of Isabel Allende and the surrealist paintings of the Spaniard Remedios Varo have a similarity which reveals a self awareness of separation from culture. Both used metaphors of magical tables, as in Allende's novel 'The House of the Spirits' and Varo's painting 'Naturaleza muerta resucitando.' In fact, the phrase 'magical realism' which now describes fantastic literature was used earlier in the 20th century to describe art such as Varo's.

Unexpected Journey: the Art and life of Remedios Varo, review,,Belton, R.J., Reprint, Woman's Art Journal, Fall-Winter 1991, V11(N2):35-36.

Women in Mexico. (22 women artists active in Mexico in the 20th century)(exhibition at the National Academy of Design, New York) by Cohen, Ronny, Artforum, Jan 1991, v29, no5, p127+

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The Antipodes of Surrealism: Salvador Dali and Remedios Varo,, by Duran, Gloria,, Symposium: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures (Symposium), vol. 42 no. 4 PAGES: 297-311 (1989 Winter). French literature 1900-1999 Breton, Andre relationship to Surrealism, Salvador Dali, Remedios Varo,.

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A struggle between the scientific and the sacred: the art of Remedios Varo, by Peter Engel, Technology Review, Oct. 1986 v.89 p. 66

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Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 and the Paintings of Remedios VaroCowart, , by David. Cowart, Studies in Modern Fiction,vol. 18 no. 3 PAGES: 19-26 (1977),


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Viajes Inesperados - Arte y Vida de Remedios Varo by Janet Kaplan. Era - Mexico, 2000. ISBN: 9684114192

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El arte y la vida de Remedios Varo by Janet Kaplan. Viajes Inesperados. Ed. Era y Fundación Banco Exterior, México, 1989.

Remedios Varo: [exposición] Sala de Exposiciones, Banco Exterior de España, Paseo de la Castellana 32, noviembre de 1988-enero de 1989 by Remedios Varo. Fundación Banco Exterior, México, 1988. ISBN: 8486884578

Remedios Varo by Edouard Jaguer. Ediciones Era; 1a ed edition México, 1980. ISBN: 9684110324


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Unexpected Journey: the Art and life of Remedios Varo, review, by Rubiodeuriquia, G. Language: Spanish

Sources: U.S. Library of Congress, Amazon Books, Barnes and Nobles, various other sources.

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