Remedios Varo

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web radio or videos, as well as sites selling CDs and posters

Remedios Gallery--by Daniel Germàin. Gallery.

Remedios VaroGallery and bio.

Remedios Gallery-- by Steven Clark. Takes a while to download as there are several pictures on one page and they are not thumbnails.

ReMeDiOs VaRo. Gallery of images.

Remedios Varo. Gallery of images. Pretty comprehensive. There are several in here that I had never seen before. El Arte Hispano. Professor Lucila I. Mena

Remedios Varo. Several galleries of images.

Remedios Varo. Gallery of images.

Remedios Varo. 9 picture gallery.

Index of directory of Remedios Varo. Small gallery of images. By Terrence Brannon.

Remedios Varo. Powerpoint images for a Humanities class. by Professor Sharon Wilson

Remedios Varo. Weekly Wipe. Images with a couple of paragraphs.

Remedios Varo Registory, a bio

Remedios Varo--A short bio

Cafe IrrealismIn defining irrealism (scientific development and allegorical possibility), Dean Swinford compares the works of Jorge Luis Borges and the Remedios Varo.

REMEDIES, by Kurt Leland. An irreverent spin on advice columns using Varo's paintings as a catalyst.

Chronology of Remedios Varo.

Remedios Varo. Bio, quotes and images.

Remedios Varo. Bibliography.

Varo's got a magic touch. BY MATT O'BRIEN. Article. The Johns Hopkins News-Letter

Remedios Varo. Interprets her work from the point of view of the quest from Arthurian legends.

Scientific discovery and women's health [about the cover]. By Polyxeni Potter. Explores Varo's affinity for science in her work. Her painting was used for the cover of Emerging Infectious Disease.

Ekphrasis, Escape, and Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 by Stefan Mattessich. A paper exploring the use of Remedios Varo's artwrok in Thomas Pynchon's book, "The Crying of Lot 49".

Remedios Varo links by Allison Werth..

These next 3 are press release, article, review on the 2000 exhibition in D.C.
NMWA article on the exhibit
CNN article on the exhibit

National Museum of Women in the Arts : The Magic of Remedios Varo . Review by Marilyn Millstone.

Lo mágico, enigmático y místico en el arte de Remedios Varo. Arte y Cultura - Portafolio. Article and gallery of images. In Spanish.

Remedios Varo. Los 10 mejores sitios en Internet sobre la pintora, Bibliografía selectiva de: REMEDIOS VARO. Links and selected bibliography with images. In Spanish.

Remedios Varo. In Spanish.

REMEDIOS VARO. Por Karen Cardoza. Tiempo Aparte article on Remedios Varo. Includes images. In Spanish.

Protege SEP obra de Remedios Varo -- In Spanish.

Remedios Varo y la época surrealista. A paper on Varo by Vic with references. In Spanish.

Remedios Varo Uranga (1908 - 1963) by Karla Cecilia Cortes Lopez. A short paragraph on Varo. In Spanish.

Remedios Varo Review of an exhibition. Datos obtenidos de El País. Febrero 2000. In Spanish.

Remedios Varo Article and images. In Spanish.

Remedios Varo Images and a paragraph. In Spanish.

Remedios Varo. Gallery of images. In Spanish.

Bibliografía selectiva de: Remedios Varo. Selected bibliography with images. In Spanish.

Bibliografía de Remedios Varo. Chronology. In Spanish.

Las Obras de Remedios Varo, que se exhiben en el Museo de Arte Moderno, Reflejan la Sabiduria y el Arte Puro de esta Artista An article. I think it is a reviewIn Spanish.

Remedios Varo. Gallery and bio. In Japanese.

Remedios Varo - Reference Page. Lists galleries and dealers that represent her.

The Remedios Varo's Illusions-- a store offering prints, books, postcards and gifts from the artist Remedios Varo. There are several pages of posters so click next at the bottom of the page to see more. That wasn't clear on the site. Titles in English and Spanish.

Remedios Varo Art says it's a store offering prints. Don't see a shopping cart. However does have a bio and some images.

The Art of Remedios Varo: Fantasy and Science. CD on RV for Windows users only. English and Spanish.

Spanish article on the exhibit

Leonora Carrington
Other Surrealist artists and surrealist links

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