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Francesca Woodman. Very nice. Brief bio, images, links and resources.

Francesca Woodman: On Being an Angel . Very nice. Essay, bio, images.

Francesca Woodman: Photography. Gallery of images.

Francesca Woodman. Gallery of images. Float your mouse over the images and they change to other images. Float off and they change again. Lots of images with quick download time.

Francesca Woodman. "Providence-Roma-New York". Palaexpo. 02-02/27-03-00. Gallery of images. In Italian.

Francesca Woodman . Collection of links.

Body and Soul: A photographer leaves behind the makings of a myth in a series of curious, often haunting, images. By Fred Turner. Boston Phoenix book review. Aug. 31, 1998.

Francesca Woodman. Short article.

Girl Seeming to Disappear: Francesca Woodman's work presents femaleness without satire or an agenda . By Peter Davison. The Atlantic online article. May 2000.

Francesca Woodman: Open Book. Review by vince aletti. A Village Voice book review. October 1998.

Fatal attraction: Photography - John Henshall on the disturbing life, work and death of Francesca Woodman. Article.

Francesca Woodman. Catalogued Exhibitions.

Francesca Woodman. and Space 2. Two images, 1976 Francesca Woodman in Providence, RI.

Francesca Woodman: fotografie. Galleria Carla Sozzani. In Italian.

Francesca Woodman: una mostra ricorda il suo genio. La Galleria Carla Sozzani di Milano dedica la prima mostra del 2001 alla fotografa morta suicida a 23 anni. In Italian.

Francesca Woodman: Palazzo delle esposizioni, Roma Dall'1 Febbraio al 27 Marzo. In Italian.

Francesca Woodman: dal 18 gennaio al 25 febbraio 2001. XTV webchannel.

Providence Roma New York. Article and images. In Italian.

Francesca Woodman. . In Korean.

Francesca Woodman. Article. In French.

Francesca Woodman. . one photo. In German.

My Favorite things. Includes images by Francesca Woodman. In German.


The Fancy, by Elisabeth Subrin. 36 min. 2000.

Francesca Woodman by Kate Thomas. 6 min. 1990.



Davison, Peter. Girl, Seeming to Disappear.. (photographer Francesca Woodman)Atlantic Monthly, v285, n 5 (May, 2000) :108

Israely, Jeff. Francesca Woodman: Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Art News, v. 99 no5 (May 2000) p. 240. Untitled (illustration). Exhibition.


Beech, Dave. Francesca Woodman: The Photographer's Gallery. Art Monthly. no 230 (Oct. 1999) p. 36-8. Review of exhibition of work by Francesca Woodman at The Photographers' Gallery in London from August 6 to September 18, 1999.

Tozer, John. Francesca Woodman: standing in for herself. Creative Camera,. no 359 (Aug./Sept. 1999) p. 40-1, ill. Discusses Woodman's work at the Photographers' Gallery, London, from August 6th, 1999. Photographing herself, her images seem to focus on the issues of transmuting and forming an identity. Despite a limited exposure during her short lifetime, her images have influenced a generation of artists.

Roberts, Alice. Building on sand. Make, the magazine of women's art, no 84 (June/Aug. 1999) p. 32-3, ill. Discusses Woodman's solo debut of her work in England, at the Photographers Gallery, London. Woodman, who was considerably influenced by Surrealism, created strange, unearthly images that evoke convincing dream atmospheres with an element of true spontaneity and dynamism.

Miller, Francine Koslow. Francesca Woodman: Bernard Toale Gallery.Artforum International, v. 37 no9 (May 1999) p. 181-2, ill. Reviews an exhibition of photographs by Francesca Woodman at Bernard Toale Gallery in Boston featuring 27 black-and-white works. Influenced by Man Ray and Breton, the haunting surreal self-portraits were photographed in the U.S. and Rome. Woodman, who committed suicide in 1981 at the age of 22 but the "use of her own body and her provocative fantasy narratives have become part of the larger history of feminist art."

Bryant, E. Francesca Woodman., (1998) (English) by F. Woodman, P. Sollers. Library Journal, March 1, 1999, V124(N4):80. Book Review

Long, Andrew. New dimensions. Art & Antiques, v. 22 no 2 (Feb. '99) p. 34+, ill. Brief review of a number of exhibitions including Francesca Woodman at the Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston, from February 10 through March 6.

Schinto, Jeanne. Francesca Woodman.. Women's Review of Books, v16, n4 (Jan, 1999) :19 (2 pages). Review.


Francesca Woodman by Francesca Woodman (Photographer), Philippe Sollers, David Levi Strauss, eli Janus, Phillipe Sollers, David Levi-Strauss. Hardcover ((November 1998) Scalo Verlag Ac; ISBN: 3931141969. Clothcover (October 1998). Book.

Boyer, Charles-Arthur. Francesca Woodman: Fondation Cartier; Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie. Art Press, no 240 (Nov. '98) p. 78, ill. The photography of Francesca Woodman is featured in a traveling exhibition at the Fondation Cartier, Paris, from March 11 to May 31, 1998. "In her photographs, Woodman seems to be obsessed with

Duparc, C. Francesca Woodman. Oeil-MagazineInternational D Art, Sept.1998 (N499), p. 10. Art review exhibition. In French.

Sollers, P. The witch: The photographs of Francesca Woodman. Infini, Summer 1998(N62):2-7. In French.

Riding, Alan. Pictures, perhaps of her despair; a young photographer's work may or may not hold clues to her suicide. New York Times, v147, sec2 (Sun, May 17, 1998) :AR32(N), AR32(L) pages., col 4 Discusses the exhibition of Francesca Woodman at the Cartier Foundation, Paris, France

Jodidio, Philip. Francesca et les anges. Connaissance des Arts, no 549 (Apr. '98) p. 52-3. ill. Discusses the work of American photographer Francesca Woodman. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, Woodman, summered in Italy, and suicided in 1981 at age 22. The series On Being an Angel appears to be born of her fascination with Baroque Roman fountains.

Joslin, Russell. Francesca Woodman. Fotophile, no 27 (Spring '98) p. 40-3. An interview with George Woodman, Francesca's father, and his thoughts about his late daughter's work


Eklund, Doug. Francesca Woodman: untitled. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 55 no2 (Fall '97) p. 80. The museum discusses their acquisition of Francesca Woodman's Untitled sepia print from ca. 1980. The photograph features the artist posing as a monumental, headless caryatid in a unique, virtually life-size print on architect's paper. The work was intended as a study for Temple Project, the artist's unfinished installation planned for the Alternative Museum in New York City.

Anne Bertrand.Comete. Limelight, special number, Strousbourg, June 1997.


Berne, BetsyFrancesca Woodman Remembered. Open City, no. 3, New York.


The Body : Photographs of the Human Form by William A. Ewing. Paperback Slipcased edition (November 1994) Chronicle Books. Woodman is one of many photographs in this broad historical overview of nudes. Book.

Lux, Harm; Hixson, Kathryn. Harrison, Joan, reviewer. Francesca Woodman: photographic works. Women Artists News Book Review, v. 19 ('94) p. 12. Book review.

Hirsch, Faye. Odd geometry: the photographs of Francesca Woodman. The Print Collector's Newsletter, v. 25 (May/June '94) p. 45-8, illus: Self-deceit #1; Jumping woman; (3 untitled) (illustration). Discusses the work of photographer Francesca Woodman. Woodman produced more than 500 pictures over eight or nine years, from her student days at Andover and the Rhode island School of Design to her suicide in 1981 at the age of 22. "The "vintage" nature of most of her prints--intimate, precious, full of intimations of mortality--distinguishes her from her more Pop-inspired, appropriationist contemporaries."

Francesca Woodman : Photography. by Harm Lux. Trade Paperback, 112 Pages, Distributed Art Publishers/D. A. P., April 1994. Out of print. Book.

Lamarche-Vadel, Bernard. Francesca Woodman. Vis a vis, no. 15, Paris, Spring 1994.


Hagen, Charles. Francesca Woodman. New York Times, v143 (Fri, Dec 10, 1993) :C34(L) pages., column 5. Pace-MacGill Gallery, New York City exhibition.

Francesca Woodman : Photographic Works by Francesca Woodman, Harm Lux, Philip Ursprung, Hans J. Rindisbacher. Publisher: Shedhalle Zurich. Paperback. January 1993 Bilingual: German/English. Out of print.


Lux, Harm. Flash Art (International Edition), no 167 (Nov./Dec. '92) p. 137, illus. (Shedhalle, Zurich; exhibit).

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Sundell, Margaret, Vanishing Point: the Photography of Francesca Woodman inInside the Visible : An Elliptical Traverse of 20th Century Art In, Of, and from the Feminine by M. Catherine De Zegher (Editor), Catherine De Zegher (Editor). MIT Press, 1986. Cambridge, Mass. and London. Out of print.


Antomarini, Brunella. Francesca Woodman. Parkett, no. 15 (January 1988)

Collective authors. Photographs by Francesca Woodman. Frontiers, A Journal of Women Studies, v. X, no. 1, New York, 1988.


Ramey, Frederick. The Galleries, University of Colorado, Boulder exhibit. New Art Examiner, v. 14 (June '87) p. 58, illus.

Wolf, Sylvia. A Promise cut short. Artweek, v. 18 (Apr. 25 '87) p. 11, illus. Fine Arts Gallery, University of California-Irvine exhibit.

Glenn, Reed. The Flowering of Francesca Woodman: A young Photographer's Tragic Life Blooms Again in her Heart. Sunday Camera, , Boulder, Colorado, Feb. 15, 1997


Wellesley College Museum.; Kenny, Lorraine, reviewer. Francesca Woodman, photographic work .Afterimage, v. 14 (Nov. '86) p. 4-5. (book review)

Kenny, Lorraine. Problem sets: the canonization of Francesca Woodman. Afterimage, v. 14 (Nov. '86) p. 4-5, illus. Wellesley College Museum, Wellesley, Mass; traveling exhibit.

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Solomon-Godeau, Abigail. Our bodies, our icons. Vogue, New York, February 1986.

Francesca Woodman : Photographic Work by Ann Gabhart, Rosalind Krauss. 64 Pages, University of Pennsylvania Press, January 1986.Out of print.


Tucker, Daniel (ed.). Some Disordered Interior Geometry. Synapse Press, Philadelphia, 1981


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